What is BodyTalk?

The BodyTalk System is a revolutionary form of alternative healthcare which utilizes the body's natural ability to heal itself. This brilliant system combines the western medical expertise, wisdom of advanced yoga and advaitic philosophy, the energy dynamics of acupuncture, osteopathic and Chiropractic Philosophy, the clinical findings of applied kinesiology, the insight to modern physics and mathematics.

Dr. John Veltheim created BodyTalk by utilizing his brilliance, extensive experience, and education by combining the above ancient and modern healing modalities from all over the world. BodyTalk is effective due to it's simplicity, safety, and speed of results. The system allows the clients own body to do the healing and experience long lasting, ongoing improvements in health rather than short term symptomatic relief.

Please join us and experience the simplicity, ease and effectiveness of the BodyTalk System.

How the BodyTalk System Works

During a session the practitioner facilitates communication with the innate wisdom, which is the knowing of who we are, how our bodies work and how to heal ourselves. The practitioner asks questions from a comprehensive protocol while using bio muscular feedback to receive a "Yes" or "No" answer from the clients own body wisdom. This highlights the priorities and imbalances within in the body. To harmonize the body the client /or practitioner touch the area of the body needing repair and the practitioner taps on the head (this allows the brain to be aware and repairs the communication) then taps on the sternum or heart (this stores the new information throughout the whole body).

The body can now synchronize and operate at optimal levels, to create balance and harmony within every system, cell and atom which become compromised from stresses of day-to-day life!

For more information on the BodyTalk System,
please visit www.bodytalksystem.com


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