"Bodytalk sessions with Cori have awakened my inner self and make me look at my past and present life in a whole different light. She has evolved my thoughts and healed my body with every session. Along with Cori bettering my health, she has also showed me how the emotional part of me is controlling my health and how I can look at life's situations and deal with them in a more balanced, calming and peaceful way.

Cori has a passion for learning and a desire for healing which makes her an amazing practitioner. I would highly recommend a lifetime of sessions with Cori!"

Sharon Beaubien, Lifetime Friend


"We are amazed at how BodyTalk and herbs have balanced our health issues. With Ron resolving conflict around his mother it's given him relief from seasonal allergies and with myself it's helped to heal my herniated disk while dealing with my emotions of carrying the weight of my world.
Cori is very knowledgeable and we would highly recommend her!"

~ Kathryn Eveson- Registered Massage Therapist
~ Ron Eveson- Contract Operator in Gas & Oil Industry

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